7/29/2004 02:55:52 PM|||peter patnaik|||Summer Session II is finally over, so the next two weeks will be some type of bliss. I was also looking back through my archives and it's shocking that i've been doing this blog for so long. I hope that everyone is still enjoying it as much as I enjoying doing it.

Roosevelt Graves, is another of my favorite gospel singers. Graves (And Brother) recorded some of the most innovative sounds of the era - sounds that would sound right at home at Hi or Stax in the 60's and 70's. This track "I'll Be Rested" features a driving guitar and vocals backed with a great proto-soul tambourine shake. it makes you wanna dance and pray all in the same motion. Graves produced a fair number of recordings in the 20's and 30's before vanishing in the 40's.

  • Roosevelt Graves & Brother - I'll Be Rested
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