7/7/2004 01:37:05 PM|||peter patnaik|||If you tuned into my radio show, I hope that you enjoyed it. It went off pretty well, but it's really easy to see that i'm rusty from not doing it for so long. I played today's song on the show and it was so great - i wanted to play it a few more times, but i resisted.

Ruth Ladson only recorded four sides, two of which were issued (though those two haven't been discovered yet), this track "Windy City Blues" was recorded in Chicago in 1940 featuring a stellar backing band (The Three Shadows) of Lonnie Johnson on guitar and Simeon Henry on piano and Ransom Knowling on bass. Ladson herself has an amazing and sexy voice and it sways oh so perfectly with the tune. A great track

  • Ruth Ladson - Windy City Blues
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