7/6/2004 01:13:50 PM|||peter patnaik|||We left Nashville at 1pm. We arrived, after three wrecks and two heavy traffic areas (and an awful salad bar at ruby tuesdays) in Greensboro at 1:20 am. Worst drive back, ever. The stay in Nashville was a blast and i was able to pick up some great records, though i couldn't find as many intersting record stores as i would hope.

The first post of the week is a track by King Solomon Hill "Gone Dead Train." Hill's brief recorded work (6 sides) focused mainly on trains and the hobo culture that surround them. "Gone Dead Train," follows in that tradition and features Hill's amazing voice and slide guitar playing (which he did with a cow bone of all things) his style is greatly influnced by Blind Lemon Jefferson, but he stands alone easily.

  • King Solomon Hill - Gone Dead Train
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