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I first heard Howard Tate a few weeks ago at a friends party - at first i thought it was Johnny Adams, then Sam Cooke - but the production was so much different then those two singer's works. Finally, my friend told me that it was Howard Tate - and i was sold. Tate's voice is a perfect blend of Addams and Cooke and features some great prodcution vaules.

Tate had a few average hits in the 60's, but has kept working and is still releasing albums to this day - while his voice has changed, the quality of his work as always remained high. Hopefully with the increasing attention being place on finding "lost great" soul stars like Candi Stanton and Solomon Burke of recent years and the return of Al Green to memphis soul maybe Howard Tate will be the next one "found"

  • Howard Tate - Have You Ever Had The Blues

  • Howard Tate - Too Late

  • |||109060385473358910|||Have You Ever Had The Blues7/25/2004 09:16:35 AM|||Anonymous|||man, i was flipping through my little notebook and i came across the web address you gave me a few weeks back for your blog. very cool site. i'm sorry i forgot it before now. thanks for spreading the word about howard tate. see you soon.
    -mark c.