7/15/2004 01:41:10 PM|||peter patnaik|||I am still intersted in finding some cheap or free, yet reliable webspace to rid me of the billion earthlink accounts i'm abusing now.

Slow week for the blog so far, but hopefully this track will spark some chatter. i normally don't post many sex blues tracks, as they mostly come off as too novelity for my taste. however, i make an expection when it comes to Lil' Johnson and her wonderful world of blues sex jams.

This track is one of her more well known ones - My Stove Is In Good Condition - a raunchy track tell men how to treat her "oven." Lil' Johnson wrote a bunch of these tracks increasingly more sexy in nature - until the decline of female blues and more censorship of music start to take place. I think track with its simple barrelhouse piano backing really makes a classic blues song, rather just a throwaway sex track that soo many blues comps love to use.

  • Lil' Johnson - My Stove Is In Good Condition

  • |||108991381041707597|||All I need is some good daddy, who turns my damper down