6/1/2004 02:05:43 PM|||peter patnaik|||Welcome to the second week of 'Honey, Where You Been So Long,' it's a been a lot of fun doing this so far i hope that everyone out there is enjoying it.

TONIGHT !!!!!!
11pm-1am - Gate City Blues @ www.uncg.edu/wua

i'll be playing the best of prewar blues and gospel. if you have any requests please leave them in the comment section of today's post.

born william bunch, peetie (petey) wheatstraw was often referred to as 'the devil's son in law' for his reckless drinking among other things. that title is a misnomer however, while he did write a lot of songs about violence and other activities, he wrote a number of powerful social commentary songs - the best of which is the 304 blues about living conditions in east st. louis and working for the WPA. 304 was the name of the slip given to workers if they had been laid off. i have posted both of these sides to wheatstraw's work - Devilment Blues which features Charlie Jordan on guitar and Wheatstraw on piano and 304 Blues which features Lonnie Johnson on guitar and Wheatstraw again on piano.

  • Peetie Wheatstraw - 304 Blues

  • Peetie Wheatstraw - Devilment Blues

  • |||108611650300530326|||Week Two ! ! !6/1/2004 06:18:09 PM|||Anonymous|||hey swoon, this is gawd from pfms/ihm/ep. pre-war blues & gospel, along with pre-war folk music are my favorite genres & you've posted a lot of stuff I've never heard, so keep up the good work.6/1/2004 07:08:48 PM|||Anonymous|||Peter...

    I've been following the page since inception. Pretty good stuff here....very interesting.


    Nashville's Finest a.k.a The Rogue Trader6/4/2004 11:59:24 AM|||steven|||I just wanted to add a bit more to this thread: