6/7/2004 11:21:18 AM|||peter patnaik|||I am attempting to make proper ID3 codes for all the mp3s i upload to this site. i'm using the KDE ripper programing that's built into Konqueror but it is miss handling the tags. I am making an effort to fix all the new files for all you i-poders out there, though. I think the computer knows i'm complaining about it, so it refuses to rip mp3s today. Hopefully it will ship up this week, cause i got a lot of great stuff to share!

Today, i'm pulling a track i ripped awhile ago but never uploaded. Ishman Bracey is an early delta blues singer who along with Tommy Johnson helped develop the modern delta blues style. Like Johnson, Bracey only made a small number of sides (12)but each one of his tracks showcase an amazing talent both on guitar and songwriting skill. This track Left Alone Blues is one of his most well known pieces and a start of a new sound out of the delta. Compare to William Harris' Bullfrog Blues, which despite being recorded in the same year (1928) the location makes all the difference.

  • Ishman Bracey - Left Alone Blues
  • |||108662485865628609|||Talkin' Monday Blues6/8/2004 12:23:32 AM|||Kris|||Awesome choice today. Great song, great musician. Still very awesome man.