6/15/2004 11:06:18 AM|||peter patnaik|||My girlfriend, Megan, told me on Friday that she had a bit of a cold. I said something nice about how I don't ever get sick, so not to worry about hanging around me. Well, I got sick. Please gmail me all your dayquil information.

My radio show tonight is conditional on my health. hopefully the medicine will hold up.

Clara Smith was a huge hit for Columbia. Second in fame to only Bessie Smith, Smith has a huge vocal presence and great personality. This track, a duet with Lonnie Johnson, is one of my favorite duets and makes me laugh and smile a whole lot. Johnson worked with many famous female blues singers in this manner - most famously with Victoria Spivey and several male songs (also very light and funny) with people like Clarence and Spencer Williams. After the doom and gloom of yesterday's track, this one should lift yr spirits up high.

  • Lonnie Johnson and Clara Smith - You've Had Too Much
  • |||108731311877980577|||Sick Day Blues6/15/2004 09:05:55 PM|||John|||Dude. You're my hero.
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