6/11/2004 12:05:34 PM|||peter patnaik|||Ray Charles passed way yesterday at the age of 73.

i was going to post some lesser known memphis soul artist today, but i'll save that for next friday. i also apologize for not updating yesterday. we are back on track now.

Ray Charles' impact on the development of soul music can not be undestated. He birthed the genre and remains one of the best at it. The two songs i'm posting display just part of the amazing range Charles had. Lonely Avenue is a great piano blues/soul tack with a great almost boogie woogie piano backing. Born to Lose is a track from his groundbreaking "Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music" and gives birth to country soul, and features one of the best uses of the Nashville Sound strings ever.

p.s. etta james'live cover of What I'd Say is the best live soul song this side of joe tex's amazing live and lively album

  • Ray Charles - Lonely Avenue

  • Ray Charles - Born To Lose

  • *BONUS* Ray Charles - Hide Nor Hair

  • *BONUS* Etta James - What'd I Say (live)

  • |||108697257191792701|||R.I.P Ray Charles6/11/2004 03:28:19 PM|||Anonymous|||lonely avenue is amazing, but i have to admit i'm pretty turned off by the 'nashville sound' thing on the second track you posted. not my thing at all.

    and that etta james song is high in the running for 'best thing ever'

    m6/15/2004 12:32:39 PM|||Anonymous|||"Hide nor Hair" is awesome--well, I liked them all, actually--but the file is truncated.