6/3/2004 11:20:35 AM|||peter patnaik|||i am posting two songs today from two people that recording only a few songs in their life time. examples such as these are far too common during this time period.

the first track - black ivory king's flying crow is one of only four tracks that black ivory king or david alexander ever recorded. the sound comes from the st. louis piano blues sound and features very solid if not flashy piano playing. the song itself is a good train ballad about the gal who left him. "red light means trouble/green means a ramblin' mind"

  • Black Ivory King - Flying Crow Blues

  • the second track comes from a mississippi guitar player named william harris. harris recorded nine (all amazing) tracks during his career before vanishing into the delta. harris was an amazing guitar player - he is fast, yet has amazing timing. the guitar on this recording hits you like the full thrust of son house's voice, it is just that good.

  • William Harris - Bullfrog Blues

  • |||108627801541614561|||Ring 'Em A-Long Time6/4/2004 11:51:46 AM|||steven|||Keep em coming, i love this new page, very unique. Typical Peter too=)

    Are you encoding these yourself, or getting them from other sources? Practically none of them have ID3 tag information, I am having to manually enter the info in for them. No biggie tho.