6/29/2004 12:47:28 PM|||peter patnaik|||As with every Tuesday I'll be doing my radio show - The Gate City Blues - this evening from 11-1am EST, Click the WUAG link on the sidebar to hear a stream of it or if you are the Greensboro Area - tune into 103.1 to here me in full stereophonic sound.

Thanks for everyone who left comments or sent me emails about female blues, they've been really intersting and helpful. Today I'm posting a track by the "Mother of the Blues" Ma Rainey. Rainey was the prototype that all blues singers afterwards would follow and she did it better than almost anyone would ever do. One of the earliest singers - Rainey only recorded for a few years (23-28, i think) but she recorded a wealth of material and help many future blues stars get their foot in the door and help them with singing. Like many female blues singers she did not have much of a career after 28, because female blues singers were not in demand anymore.

The track I am posting is "Sleep Talking Blues" recorded in 1928 during her last session, Rainey is still at the top of her game and features a great band. It is one of the great mistakes in music history that the female blues because so out of fashion and ignored after less than ten years of recorded history - many of the great female blues singers were just hitting their prime as the bottom of the industry fell out, it would have been a great thing to here later day Ma Rainey working with some of the great male blues players, but alas.

  • Ma Rainey - Sleep Talking Blues
  • |||108853184815967229|||If You Talk In Your Sleep - Be Careful As You Can