6/8/2004 12:42:08 PM|||peter patnaik|||I am still having unexplainable ripping issues, so another track from the archives today. Tonight is Tuesday, so that means i'll be doing my radio show at www.uncg.edu/wua from 11pm-1am EST. I know i haven't been finishing my shows recently, but i'm going to do my best to do the full two hours this time.

Again, anyone that knows of a good ripping programing for linux let me know.

Today's tracks come from Cow Cow Davenport, one of the people who helped to shape and form the boogie woogie blues. I picked two tracks today expressing the scope and talent of Davenport. The first is a social piece about the Jim Crow laws, the music is a really simple verison of "In the Evening." The next selection is a great instrumental track where Cow Cow shows off why he is so famous, it's an amazing piano piece that explains everythinga bout the boogie woogie blues in a few moments.

  • Cow Cow Davenport - Jim Crow Blues

  • Cow Cow Davenport - Back in the Alley

  • |||108671465944081004|||If You Can't Cure My Blues, Don't Even Bother