6/9/2004 11:16:51 AM|||peter patnaik|||Yeh, so I got back from a showing of Citzen Kane at the theater downtown and had to do some schoolwork - when i looked at the clock it was already midnight and so I just didn't my show. Sorry for all those who were waiting to hear it.

In other big news, I now have a gmail account!!! pkpatnaik@...com, feel free to email me, obv. fill in the ... with gmail.

Magically my ripping program started to work, so we have fresh rips for everyones enjoyment.

Leola Manning only recorded two sessions, but her handful of songs are all amazing. What is more amazing is that accompanies herself on piano and is a wonderful player. This song "Satan is Busy in Knoxville," is an almost dry recital of murders that took place in Knoxville in 1930, but it comes off as a warning to everyone in the city that the world is tearing apart.

  • Leola Manning - Satan is Busy in Knoxville
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