6/4/2004 11:37:43 AM|||peter patnaik|||i th ink i'm getting more of the hang of doing this blog , this week had a lot of good music, i think yesterday's black ivory king track and william harris track are two of the best songs i've posted so far, so if you haven't check them out.

last friday i posted two prewar country tracks and it went over very well. this time i'm posting two tracks be pretty famous singers - woody guthrie and roscoe holcomb.

woody guthrie is one of the best folk singers of all time. he is wildly popular among almost every group here in america and he deserves every bit of praise. this track is one of my favorites by him - 1913 Massacre. one of his best ballads, it is simple , yet powerful - two of guthrie's strongest aspects. he fades off with his last line "..see what your greed for money has done" almost like he can't take the power of that line. amazing track

  • Woody Guthrie - 1913 Massacre

  • the second track is from a bluegrass singer from kentucky - roscoe holcomb. holcomb is most known for his "high lonesome voice" which is a voice that is pretty rooted in the folk tradition of emulating the sound of violins (see my texas gladden post for more in this style). this track "combs hotel burned down" features his wonderful voice and his amazing banjo playing - only second to dock boggs. the song is another ballad about a hotel that catches on fire and burns to the ground killing several people. it's a heartbreaking song that is made even more powerful by holcomb's wail.

  • Roscoe Holcomb - Combs Hotel Burned Down
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