6/24/2004 07:15:32 AM|||peter patnaik|||High noon just doesn't mean what it used to. I am doing a rare early morning update because i'm up and i doubt i'll be about to do it around noonish. So now ya'll can get yr blues with yr coffee.

Today's track is from a great piano blues legend - Aaron "Pinetop" Sparks, one half of the Sparks Brothers(Aaron and Lindberg)as well as several amazing solo sides. This track "Tell Her About Me" is a light hearted boogie woogie piece feature some outstanding piano playing and a nice guitar by Henry Townsend.

As a side note i've noticed that ya'll don't post comments on the female/piano blues pieces as much as the guitar guys (or when i don't update) does that mean that most people don't like piano based blues recordings or.. i'd be intersted hear some feedback about that sort of thing. leave a comment in the box or emailme at pkpatnaik at gmail.


  • Aaron "Pinetop" Perkins

  • |||108807647513807394|||Early Mornin' Blues6/24/2004 11:43:28 PM|||Anonymous|||i can't think of a reason why people wouldn't comment on the female/piano blues, though i can't really observe that its the case from here. maybe if you did something more focused and developed? like maybe a week-long special on female vocalists, some sort of historical perspective? i guess i don't comment here much at all because i have little background to work with beyond my specific enjoyment of the tracks, and since i've liked pretty much all of them, it seems kind of lame to point it out.

    i dunno. i'm usually quite a talker when it comes to music, but when i'm listening to this stuff i'd rather, well, just listen.

    i keep missing your radio show, too. oops.