6/23/2004 12:56:02 PM|||peter patnaik|||I hope everyone caught my radio show last night. I had to cut it off early because the guy who has the unlucky 1-4am shift came in like a half hour early and was sorta pacing around.

I played this track last night, pretty early on in the set, but i wanted to play it like three or four more times. I couldn't find much information about Gene Gilmore outside that he was a part of the Five Breezes and did not record a whole lot of solo material (though the Five Breezes only had one session) but Gilmore played with some great players such as Sammy Price and Ike Perkins. This track "Charity Blues" was made popular by Charlie McCoy, Gilmore plays it faster and looser and makes it really jump.

  • Gene Gilmore - Charity Blues
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