6/18/2004 11:41:58 AM|||peter patnaik|||Oh Yea. Today in honor of me getting better i'm going to upload some awesome summer tracks that will make you clear your living room or den or bedroom and just dance dance dance. Also in honor of me needing to make like thirty pages of biographies for my last summer class, the update will be short on text, long on dance.

Joe Tex is up first singing "That's Life" and really just ripping the hell out this track live and the unknown gal named "Palmer" doing "Hot Dog! That Made Him Made" and i even like it more than the Wanda Jackson verison!

  • Joe Tex - That's Life

  • "Palmer" HotDog! That Made Him Mad
  • |||108757655857702198|||And I'm Feeling Good. 6/18/2004 03:43:48 PM|||Anonymous|||This is the best blog i read the last 12 weeks
    Thank you

    Vielen Dank für diesen Blog.(It is german)

    Markus Sindhoff