5/24/2004 01:15:24 PM|||peter patnaik|||So we've started off the first week of active blogging with deleting my complete post. Apparently I shouldn't hit F5 for any reason.

Anyway, I dunno how to make a new item on the side bar with like all my warnings and disclaimers and whatnot, so if any experienced blogger user wouldn't like to help me out, that would be fantastic.

the format for this blog will be that I'll update it every day around noon or 1 with one or two new mp3s. on friday I'll either put up more mp3s or maybe non-blues stuff.

We have two great songs today, Sara Martin with I Want Every Bit of it And I Don't Like it Second Hand and Elvie Thomas with Motherless Child Blues.

Sara Martin was the last great blues queen. with the smash success of Papa Charlie Jackson, female blues singers lost their commerial appeal and many of them had to go into acting or seek other forms of employment. Martin has a unusual phrasing - one that escapes most imimdaters of her style - but it allows for new and fresh interpretations of some sung to death, blues standards. This track - I Want Every Bit of it and I Don't Like it Second Hand - is from one of her las Okeh recordings (and last recordings in general) and is backed by the amazing Clarence Williams and his Blue Five, though it's not the best line they would have.

  • Sara Martin - I Want Every Bit of it and I Don't Like it Second Hand

  • Elive Thomas is one of those great enigmatic blues figures. Not much is known about her, though a little more is know about the guitar lead on this song, Geeshie Wiley, but that is limited that she may have been from Natchez and may have been with Charlie McCoy. It is easy to hear that Wiley is an amazing talented guitar player(as a side known it is often written that she was a great female guitar player, but that seems to limited her talent, she is easily the equal to William Harris or Blind Blake) whose influnces are a deep as they are diverse. This track is titled "Motherless Child Blues" but does not come musically or lyrically from most known verisons of the track. Elive's voice is hauntingly beautiful and heartbreaking.

    My mother told me just before she died(x3)
    Oh daughter daughter please don’t be like me (x2)
    To fall in love with every man you see

  • Elive Thomas - Motherless Child Blues

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