5/27/2004 11:44:07 AM|||peter patnaik|||Today marks the first week of living in my new place. And I still haven't unpacked all my stuff (or even brought my records over!) I’m trying to get most of this done today because it's getting cluttered.

Important blog news - All Links Have Been Fixed - thanks to everyone for letting me know and keep me updating if anything else goes down.

our first track today is by a well known blues singer - Tampa Red singing "Hellish Old Feeling." this track was recorded in 1938 for Bluebird and was produced by the amazing Lester Melrose who really created the "Bluebird Sound." this song isn't as lively and dance orientated as most of the Bluebird Sound, but still retains the sound due to the incomparable piano playing of Blind John Davis. "Hellish Old Feeling" also shows Tampa Reds movement into more Chicago blues, backed by piano and dropping the country kazoo from his sound.

I love this line "you came home this morning walkin' like an old wet goose/lookin' like baby, something had just turned you loose.

  • Tampa Red - Hellish Old Feeling

  • The second track today is from an Atlanta based singer Barbecue Bob. This track Easy Rider Don't You Deny My Name" a spin off the typical "easy rider" female blues singers, but instead of using it as a boasting song he uses it warning song. I like this version a lot because the guitar work is a straight Atlanta blues/Blind Willie McTell song, but with bob's amazing vocal talent. I could listen to him all day, so laid back yet with a sense of despair and frustration. Barbeque Bob's brother was another famous blues singer Charley Lincoln (who tragically killed himself after being imprisoned for murder, the brothers would tour with Curley Weaver (McTell's side man) and Buddy Moss as the Georgia Cotton Picker, who are an amazing string blues band.

  • Barbecue Bob - Easy Rider Don't You Deny My Name

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