5/22/2004 01:39:57 PM|||peter patnaik|||Little Son Joe or Ernest Lawlar biggest claim to fame was that he was Memphis Minnie's husband for most of his life. He mostly recorded under Little Son Joe or even Mr. Memphis Minnie. He play mostly as Memphis Minnie's partner, but he recorded a number of solo tracks under his own name. This track - Black Rat Swing features a great blues driving guitar with great lyrics

i'll take you downtown/pay your doctor bill/now i get in a little trouble/and you try to get me killed/you is one black rat

  • Little Son Joe - Black Rat Swing (gone!)

  • |||108524830622848632|||Little Son Joe - Black Rat Swing5/22/2004 07:13:36 PM|||Anonymous|||A fine choice! The song is really great.

    I look forward to hearing more of your recommendations.