5/26/2004 07:23:37 PM|||peter patnaik|||Sorry about the delay. I found out that I was just infection of a gland not like cancer. So that was good news.

Just one quick song today. Tomorrow is going to feature two really great songs and Friday I’ll be posting a few early country tunes, by request.

Marylin Scott was another piedmont blues singer and keeping with that tradition she either sung party songs or gospel. For a singer who recorded as much as she did (about 16-20 sides) there is very little information about her. This song 'I Got What My Daddy Likes' really typifies the piedmont blues song, some great double entendres and a wonderful sense of humor. Oh man when goes "I got what my daddy likes/I got what my baby likes" in the third chorus, I just melt.

  • Marylin Scott - I Got What My Daddy Likes

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